Fear Free Veterinary Visits For Dogs & Cats



What do Fear Free Veterinary Visits mean?

Can you imagine telling your dog, “Let’s go to the vet!” and seeing his or her tail wag? How about getting out your cat’s carrier and seeing him or her come running? 

Our pet owning clients don’t need to imagine it if they visit our practice. That’s because here at Chaseview, we are part of a new initiative sweeping veterinary medicine designed to ease the stress, fear, and anxiety so many pets can experience while at the vets.

Known as Fear FreeSM, the training and certification program helps vets modify their procedures, handling, and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need.

Founded by veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker, the Fear Free training program was developed by board-certified veterinary behaviorists, veterinary technician behavior specialists, board-certified veterinary anesthetists, well-known veterinary practice management experts, and boarded veterinary practitioners experienced in Fear Free methods. 

Our staff have been trained and certified in the use of fear free techniques with the sole aim of making you and your pet feel relaxed and safe and have the best experience possible when you visit our practice. We take care of their emotional needs as well as their medical needs.

A big part in helping us help your pet is for you, our pet owning clients, to understand what we are trying to achieve and how we are trying to achieve it. You too are a big part in helping us help your pet. 

chilled cat

This is the kind of response we see, just like this cat making himself at home in our sink after
he's explored the consultation room. Look how small and slit like his pupils are. Only relaxed cats do this. Stressed cats have very large round pupils.




Have a look at this cat in the video above. She came in for her post op check up. She rolling was around and purring, eating loads of treats and having a great time being fussed and stroked.


chilled dog


This dog is so mellow she is quite happy to sit on our consulting room table without any
restraint at all. She is more than happy to wait for her next liver treat because that's what coming her way.




Have a look at this dog, Bella. She was a little nervous of vet visits, often suspicious and unsure of what we may do. Now on her visits we stuff a kong toy with her favorite food so she gets to enjoy a massive treat. In this session we are administering laser treatment and she's enjoying every minute of it.

Dogs Love Coming To See Us!

Have a look as this video to see what we mean.


Here is some great advice for you to help us help your pet

Here is some useful information and tips for you. The more of these things you can do, the better the experience for you and your pet. The results are quick to come and very rewarding.  Try them and see for yourself. We see it every day and it's amazing.

Dog Fear Free Visits - Click Here

Cats Fear Free Veterinary Visits - Click Here

How to prepare your pet for a Fear Free Veterinary Visit - Click Here

Animal Body Language Of Fear, Anxiety & Stress

It is important for you as pet owners to know some of the signs of fear, anxiety and stress. Have a look at these leaflets below for both dogs and cats. If you see these signs or have seen them in the past then prior to your vet visit please do contact us so we can help you and your pet. There is so much we can do before your visit to make sure you have the most pleasant and relaxing experience possible. The advice leaflets above are very useful and easy to follow but we can tailor make advice for you as individuals.

How to spot signs of fear, anxiety and stress in your dog - Click here

How to spot signs of fear, anxiety and stress in your cat - Click here




We are a RCVS Accredited Practice.  This is a voluntary Practice Standards Scheme, which quality assures practices and their facilities.

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