Clinical Canine Massage

Rachel Harries, Head Veterinary Nurse at Chaseview Vets has just completed a 2-year course in Clinical Canine Massage. Clinical Canine Massage is a non-invasive therapy used to rehabilitate soft tissue injuries and support orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis and Hip Dysplasia in dogs.

Rachel has been a Veterinary Nurse for 13 years and has always had dogs in her life. She has been trained by Natalie Lenton at The Canine Massage Therapy Centre in a range ofemma massage therapeutic techniques, including 4 disciplines of massage and the Lenton Method®. Together these techniques typically gain results in 1-3 sessions.

Muscle and joint pain in dogs is extremely common at any age. The difficulty is that dogs tend to hide their pain well, so it is important to look for subtle signs. This may include: lameness and stiffness; struggling to get into the car or onto the sofa/bed; and difficulty getting up or down the stairs. Their behaviour can also be a good indicator; are they grumpier than usual? Are they isolating themselves more or seem depressed? Are they less playful, disinterested in going out or are they slower on their walks? Any of these signs could mean that your pet is in some discomfort or pain, and could benefit from this unique treatment.

Clinical massage works by relieving sore or tight muscles and addresses areas of overcompensation that might have occurred as a result of injury, surgery or orthopaedic condition such as arthritis. It helps to remodel scar tissue following injury, and improves healing rates. It is also a great tool for addressing anxiety or pain based behavioural issues. As a result of Clinical Massage, a dog may show improved mobility and activity levels, there may be a resolution or reduction in lameness and stiffness, posture and gait may improve, and they may be generally happier. It is a valuable addition to our current rehabilitation facilities of hydrotherapy, laser therapy, and regenerative medicine.

Rachel will be offering this treatment to all dogs – young or old, pet, agility or working. Owners do not need to be registered with Chaseview Vets, but a referral from your Vet will be required which can easily be arranged. For further information please read more on our web page in the services section or call us on 01989 562 251.



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