Tibbie Thinks Vet Visits Are Great Now

Meet lovely Tibbie. Tibbie found visits to the vets very stressful and in turn visits became stressful for Tibbie's owner.

This year for her routine health check and vaccination we used the Fear Free approach to see if we could make a difference. 

In just 2 trips (one involving the physical exam and the other administration of the vaccine), Tibbie decided that vet Kate IS A FRIEND. She enjoyed fuss and cuddles before firmly planting her bottom into Kate's elbow and falling asleep.

How did we do this I hear you ask?.......... With a few simple tweaks, a little time and effort and lots of kindness and treats!!

Every dog or cat's Fear Free journey will be different but by working together we can make a difference and reduce fear and stress for every animal. Please have a look at our Fear Free page on our website for some tips and advice. Also please call the practice and speak to Emma or Kate about starting your Fear Free journey.


We are a RCVS Accredited Practice.  This is a voluntary Practice Standards Scheme, which quality assures practices and their facilities.

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