Introducing cutting edge regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is a cutting edge approach to treatment of inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis and ligament injury. In particular we are able to offer Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy which is where we use platelets taken from the dog's own blood to treat these conditions. Because we are using the dog's own tissues, there is minimal risk of side effects.

Treatment is straight forward involving taking a blood sample, followed by extraction of a platelet rich sample which we perform in our laboratory. This is then injected into affected joints. Treatment sessions only last 30 minutes and mild sedation is all that is needed. Very straight forward for your dog with up to 12 months of positive response to follow. The platelets kick start the body's own healing mechanisms to stimulate the joint to heal inflamed and damaged tissues and so reduce joint pain and improve function. This revolutionises the way we can treat osteoarthritis, one of the most common conditions that we see.

Have a look at these short videos which gives more information. Definitely worth a watch.


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