The Beast From The East won't stop us

The Beast From The East hit Ross on Wye but we still have to help our animals. One of our farmers had a cow struggling to calve and needed our help. With 10 foot high snow drifts and roads blocked there was no way a car was going to get our vet Jenny to the farm. The farmer drove to the practice in his tractor to pick her up. It took an epic two and half hours to drive back to the farm. Roads where blocked with the masses of snow so several different routes needed to be explored. Not only that, at one point even the tractor got stuck in the snow. Jenny and the farmer then had to dig the tractor out in order to continue.

Eventually they arrived to help the cow who needed an emergency C-section. Turns out it was also and incredibly tough procedure with a calf that was enormous and presented in full breech position. After much sweat and toil the surgery was completed. Sadly the calf could not be saved but the cow is now fit and well. 

Jenny was superb in showing her commitment and resilience on this very tough task. Absolutley outstanding!



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