In-house laboratory

We have a laboratory equipped with hi-tech equipment that enables us to perform on the spot tests to help with diagnosing and treating your animals. We have blood machines that run blood tests giving us results in  minutes, a microscope to examine tissue and urine samples. There is a massive benefit in being able to obtain tests results quickly as it allows us to treat your animals very quickly. Not only is this exceptionally convenient but it is vital in critical cases.

Biochemistry machineHaematology machine








These are the biochemistry and haematology blood machines that provide us with results in minutes.








On the left is the microscope that we use to examine urine samples looking for abnormal cells or presence of crystals. We also look at tissue and cell samples from swabs and needle aspirate samples. We also use it to perform worm egg counts on samples from horses, sheep and cattle. Above is the centrifuge use to prepare samples for the microscope and the blood test machines.


We are a RCVS Accredited Practice.  This is a voluntary Practice Standards Scheme, which quality assures practices and their facilities.

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