Alpacas & Llamas

Here at Chaseview we understand that Alpacas and Llamas are just that bit different to the average livestock that we see around Herefordshire. We have been dealing with these species for several years and can provide our clients with a range of services to help look after these brilliant animals.Alpacas

  • Herd Health Plans - We can give advice on best preventative health care and management of your herd. Each herd is different so these plans are tailor made for each of our clients. We will cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from foot trimming, parasite control, pasture management, breeding, and much more
  • Worming - As a species, Alpacas and Llamas are far more susceptible to worm damage than other domestic livestock such as sheep and cows. Alpacas and Llamas can have life threatening levels of worm burdens without showing any outward sign of illness until it is too late and the damage can be fatal. To that end it is extremely important that worm control programs are put in place. We can give simple easy to follow advice on this by recommending feacal worm egg counts, pasture management strategies and use of worming medicines as appropriate.Llamas
  • Vaccination - Camelids are susceptible to Clostridial disease and we recommend use of Clostridial vaccine on a regular basis
  • Vitamin ADE - Becasue of our soemtimes less than sunny summer weather, young animals are susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency which shows itself as rickets. If you are breeding camelids we recommend use of either injectable or oral Vitamin D supplements.
  • Castration - Many camelids are kept as pets so we recommend castration of all male animals not intended for breeding. This reduces aggression and makes for a happier more contented herd. Castration is a straight forward procedure that can be done on farm.



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