Video Consulting

We Now Offer Video Consultations

We are very please to provide a video consultation service to all our clients. What this means is that you and you animal, from the comfort of you own homes can have a live video feed consultation with our vets. This service can be helpful if you are unable to leave you home for a consultation or if you are concerned about your pet and need some advice for peace of mind. All you need is internet access, a smart phone or tablet /ipad or a computer with a web cam. Smart phones or tablets/ipads are the best device to use because it allows you to move the camera around easily to show us your pet in more detail when required.

Here are the basic steps needed to start video consultations:

1.Register online - Use google chrome if on your computer, alternatively you can register with your mobile browser (e.g. safari). CLICK HERE to go to the client registration page.

2. Check your emails/junk folder for the verification code.

3. Enter this verification code into the website.

4. Add your pets details onto the website - you can add as many as you like.

5. Ring the practice to arrange an appointment.

6. Check your emails/junk folder for an appointment confirmation email - during this step you will be prompted for payment if applicable.

7. Log in 5-10mins before your appointment is due and wait for the vet to log in. We recommend using your smart phone for the video consult as they can be moved to video the dog more easily.


We recommend that you register in advance.

Once you have registered you are now ready to book video consultations when needed and only need to worry about steps 5-7.

Payment (where applicable) for the appointment is made using a credit or debit card. Your appointment is then booked and the time confirmed.


Here's a quick video guiding you through the process:



We are a RCVS Accredited Practice.  This is a voluntary Practice Standards Scheme, which quality assures practices and their facilities.

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