Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

If your pet is insured we request payment in full at the time of treatment as stated in our payment terms and conditions. We will always submit insurance policy claims promptly to ensure you are reimbursed as quickly as possible. Many insurance companies allow us to submit claims on line which speeds the process further. There is a £20.00 administration fee for all insurance claims processed. 

The quickest and easiest way to submit a claim is to email to do this you will need:

Your pets name

Your address

Your policy details

Direct claims

It may be possible, subject to certain conditions, for us to make a direct claim on your behalf for payment of any insured sum to come directly to the Practice from your insurers. Please advise a member of reception as early as possible if this is something you would require, as a significant amount of administration work and policy checks are involved. This can delay the start of treatment. They result in a delay in receipt of our payment and for this reason we charge a non-refundable administration fee of £35 + VAT. Follow-up on-going direct claims are charged at £10 + VAT. If the follow up claims are not direct claims there will be no administration fees for these. Direct claims can only be submitted with the following provisos:

  1. Direct claims must be requested and organised in advance of treatment being carried out and prior to payment being due. It is not possible to request an initial direct claim when you come to collect your pet after a period of hospitalisation and treatment.
  2. Any excess and non-insured items on the policy should be paid at the time of collection, together with any anticipated shortfall in payment. If your policy involves additional payment which is a percentage of the bill, this needs to be paid directly to us. Any additional shortfall which is owing after the claim has been settled will be payable by you to us at that time.
  3. A signed insurance claim form is required at the time of collection and for every subsequent visit, clearly indicating to the insurance company that payment is to be made to the Practice.
  4. As our client, you remain liable for all outstanding fees in the following circumstances: 
  • The insurance company declines to accept the claim in part or in full
  • The insurance company does not make a settlement within 60 days of submission of the claim.

It is important to appreciate that if, having carried out careful checks with you and your insurers, we decide that we are prepared to undertake a Direct Claim for the treatment for your pet, this is not a guarantee that your insurers will settle your claim, and if they fail to do so, this will result in a shortfall for which you will be liable to pay us in full.

Information we require prior to authorising a direct claim.

You must first get agreement from a Director that the practice is prepared to consider undertaking a direct claim.

You must telephone your insurance company to give us permission for us to telephone them and ask relevant questions about your policy. You must then inform us when this is done.


Once permission has been granted we ask the insurance company the following:

Is the policy active, are there any exclusions, what is the limit of the policy, what is the excess amount, are there any related claims, if so what and when and total amount claimed, will cover continue for the duration of the condition if it goes over renewal date.

  1. We inform the insurance company when treatment is due to take place and estimated costs.
  2. With this information we can make an educated assumption that the pet is likely to be covered for this condition. Please note, despite these pre-checks we cannot guarantee that the insurance company will pay the claim unless they carry out pre-authorisation checks. This can take up to a week and delay treatment. Most companies do not do this any faster for emergency cases.



We reserve the right to decline a request to undertake a direct claim if circumstances suggest that the insurance company will not settle the claim.


We are a RCVS Accredited Practice.  This is a voluntary Practice Standards Scheme, which quality assures practices and their facilities.

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